Unseen Niche 2015: STUDIO 47

by Unseen August 19 2015

The Unseen Niches represent a spectrum of forward-thinking initiatives that have been invited to present themselves commercially at the fair. For this year’s edition of Unseen MiaP (Message in a Photo), a Dutch foundation that supports photographers by giving grants for new work, raising awareness of social issues and advising photographers, is supporting Mt. Figure, STUDIO 47 and Wandering Bears. These three initiatives are joined by Sputnik Photos, making up to four Unseen Niches for this year’s edition of Unseen.

Initiated in 2014 by artist Céline Manz, STUDIO 47 functions as both her studio and as a venue for temporary projects. In the process of sourcing material for her own work from the internet, Manz encountered many artists who mirrored her own questions regarding authorship and originality. It is from this desire to pay tribute to this stimulating topic that STUDIO 47 was born.

One year later and STUDIO 47 is going strong, becoming part of Manz’s artistic research. Artists from various fields are regularly invited to come to the studio to discuss the developing practice of photography and to contribute their own work based on these discussions. They are then encouraged to be present during the studio exhibition's opening hours to talk about their work with the public, creating a casual 'open studio' atmosphere that allows visitors to learn about the work.

During Unseen Photo Fair STUDIO 47 will introduce the first issue of the STUDIO 47 READER – a publication of written pieces to complement the collected work of artists, including interviews of STUDIO 47 participants. As the publication will still be in production during Unseen, STUDIO 47 will provide a preview of this very first copy and host a series of ‘meet-the-artist’ hours.

Read the interview with Céline Manz in Unseen Magazine, available at the end of the month.